GoldStandard.TV You never know what silver coins you will meet on the road of Hyperinflation


Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Bullion coins from CRM


Silver coins in Book

How many coins in this book? Nine.
If you hide so many silver coins in this book, it will be heavy. So theives can find easily your precious silver.

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South Korea Central Bank don’t make coins anymore

One of official from SKCB told They are planning to stop issuing coins.
They have issued 500 Won, 100 Won, 50 Won, 10 Won.
Termination of all these denomination is very odd.
Sevral months ago Canadian Mint terminated their 1 penny coins. But South Korea Central Bank means the termination of four dinominations of coins.

It seems that South Korea is preparing Currecy Reformation(Redenomination) once more. They are now testing the reacts of their people.
South Korean government did the job(CR) three times. That reformation made huge inflation like hyperinflation.
They seems to change their coins with another names of denomination like 'Jon' not 'Won'.
Denominations of S.Korean Money are from 10 Won to 50,000 Won now.


How to buy silver rounds from Craigslist

He called the seller on Craigslist and negotiate the price. He meet the seller at Starbucks.
He check almost everything. He weighed the silver rounds and tested by his magnet.
Prettty good deal I think.


Silver Bar from Silver Spoon

This man bought silver spoons and sent them to the refinery. He waited one month.
He finally got back his sterling silver bars made from his ex silver spoons.